• Van Vu

How do I know if my car has a transponder chip inside?

You can take your key to most hardware stores, a car dealership or an automotive locksmith to find out if your key has a transponder chip.

If you have a spare key that you have had made from a blank, you can also try this simple metal key in your car’s ignition. The key should open the doors and the trunk, but if your vehicle needs a chip it will not start the car.

Make sure that if you are checking the ignition settings like this that you do not have the key you know works inside the car. The transponder chip from the working car may be giving the necessary signal. A good indication that your car does have a chip is by examining it.

If the key has a plastic casing around the bow (the large part of the key that is usually round or square, and rests outside the keyhole when the key is fully inserted), this is a good indication that it may have a chip.

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