• Van Vu

Security Tips - Rekey your home or office

Did you just buy a new house or apartment? Have you lost an employee recently? Has it been a while since either of these events has happened? Did you ever change the keys?

If you said no, stop what you are doing, call Sam Locksmith (669)231-9049 and schedule a rekey.

If you answered yes, when was the last time you rekeyed your locks?

A rekey doesn’t just change the keys. A rekey is also a way for the professional to get inside the moving parts of the lock, clean and lube the moving parts, and replace with new pins and keys giving your lock new life. Your security professional will also evaluate the other parts of the door and let you know if they see any issues such as a leaky door closer or hinge issues such as sagging door or sticky door/frame. A rekey is so much more than just a key change; think of it as a checkup for your door and security.

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